Executive Board

First regular session 2018

The UNFPA Executive Board is made up of representatives from 36 countries around the world who serve on a rotating basis. Through its Bureau, consisting of representatives from five regional groups, the Board oversees and supports the activities of UNFPA, ensuring that the organization remains responsive to the evolving needs of programme countries.

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Item 1. Organizational matters


Tentative workplan (10 November 2017)  

Provisional agenda, annotations, list of documents and workplan   DP/2018/L.1

Report of the SECOND REGULAR SESSION 2017 (5 to 11 September 2017, New York)   DP/2018/1

Report of the SPECIAL SESSION 2017 (28 November, 2017)   DP/2018/2

Decisions adopted by the Executive Board in 2017    DP/FPA/2018/3

Statement by the Executive Director


Annex 1. Integrated Results and Resources Framework (Updated figures)  

Item 6. Country programmes and related matters


Common country programme document for Cabo Verde, 2018-2022   DP/FPA/OPS-ICEF/CCPD/2018/CPV/1

Country programme document for Central African Republic, 2018-2022   DP/FPA/CPD/CAF/8

Country programme document for Djibouti, 2018-2022   DP/FPA/CPD/DJI/5

Country programme document for Egypt, 2018-2022   DP/FPA/CPD/EGY/10

Country programme document for Ghana, 2018-2022   DP/FPA/CPD/GHA/7

Country programme document for Jordan, 2018-2022   DP/FPA/CPD/JOR/9

Country programme document for Mauritania, 2018-2022   DP/FPA/CPD/MRT/8

Item 7. Evaluation


Formative evaluation on UNFPA innovation initiative   DP/FPA/2018/1

Management response   DP/FPA/2018/CRP.1

Quadrennial budgeted evaluation plan   DP/FPA/2018/1

Item 9. Recommendations of the Board of Auditors


UNFPA report on the follow-up to the report of the UN Board of Auditors for 2016: the status of implementation of recommendations   DP/FPA/2018/2


Financial report and audited statements