Executive Board

Annual session 2017

The UNFPA Executive Board is made up of representatives from 36 countries around the world who serve on a rotating basis. Through its Bureau, consisting of representatives from five regional groups, the Board oversees and supports the activities of UNFPA, ensuring that the organization remains responsive to the evolving needs of programme countries.

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Item 1. Organizational matters


Annotated Tentative workplan (5 June 2017)  

Draft report of the first regular session 2017   DP/2017/13

Provisional agenda, annotations, list of documents and workplan   DP2017/L.2

Information for participants  

Decisions adopted by the Executive Board at its first regular session 2017   DP/2017/14

Item 10. Annual report of the Executive Director


Progress report on implementation of the UNFPA Strategic Plan, 2014-2017   DP/FPA/2017/4 (Part I)


Annex I. Scorecard and indicator updates 2016

Annex II. Country results and case studies to illustrate the theory of change

Annex III. Global and Regional Interventions

Annex III. (a) GRI Results Frameworks Progress

Annex IV. Humanitarian action and resilience building update 2016

Annex V. Implementation of Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review

Annex VI. Data supplement

Annex VII. Supplementary reports

Statistical and financial review, 2016   DP/FPA/2017/4 (Part I.Add I)



Report on the recommendations of the Joint Inspection Unit in 2016   DP/FPA/2017/4 (Part II)

Item 11. Evaluation


Annual report of the Evaluation Office   DP/FPA/2017/5


Annex I Corporate evaluations (2016-2018)

Annex II Programme-level evaluations (2016-2017)

Annex III Evaluation coverage (2016-2018)

Annex IV Quality assessments (2015)

Annex V Follow-up of management responses (2012-2016)

Annex VI Monitoring and evaluation human resources

Annex VII Main results of the corporate evaluation of UNFPA support to family planning

Annex VIII Main results of the corporate evaluation of UNFPA support to adolescents and youth

Annex IX Main results of the study on Lessons learned from country programme evaluations

Annex X Implementation of recommendations made in annual report on evaluation

Management response   DP/FPA/2017/CRP.3

Item 12. UNFPA Strategic Plan, 2018-2021


Draft UNFPA Strategic Plan, 2018-2021   DP/FPA/2017/CRP.6


Annex I. Draft integrated results and resources framework

Annex III. QCPR alignment matrix

Annex V. Draft UNFPA programme accountability framework

Annex II. Theory of Change

Item 13. UNFPA Country programmes and related matters


CAMEROON country programme document (2018-2020)   DP/FPA/2017/CMR/7


Evaluation Plan

Performance Summary (2013-2017)

Final Evaluation

NICARAGUA country programme extension (2018)   DP/FPA/2017/8

Item 15. Internal Audit and Oversight


Report of Director, OAIS, on UNFPA internal audit and investigation activities   DP/FPA/2017/6


Annex I.

Annexes II. - VII.

Opinion on the Adequacy and Effectiveness of the UNFPA Framework of Governance, Risk Management and Control   DP/FPA/2017/6/Add.I

Annual report of the Audit Advisory Committee   DP/FPA/2017/Add.II

Management response   DP/FPA/2017/6/CRP.4

Item 16. Reports of UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS Ethics Offices


Report of the UNFPA Ethics Office 2016    DP/FPA/2017/7

Management response   DP/FPA/2017/CRP.5

Joint meeting of the Executive Boards of UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS, UNICEF, UN-Women and WFP


Topic 1: Operationalizing the decisions of the QCPR, specifically taking into consideration climate change and building resilience  

Topic 2: Working with adolescents and youth to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals  


Report of the joint meeting of the Executive Boards of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS, UNICEF, UN-Women and WFP