Executive Board

First regular session 2014

The UNFPA Executive Board is made up of representatives from 36 countries around the world who serve on a rotating basis. Through its Bureau, consisting of representatives from five regional groups, the Board oversees and supports the activities of UNFPA, ensuring that the organization remains responsive to the evolving needs of programme countries.

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Statement of the UNFPA Executive Director


Statement of the UNFPA Executive Director to the Executive Board  

Item 1: Organizational matters


Provisional agenda, annotations, list of documents and tentative workplan   DP/2014/L.1


Tentative workplan - as of 20 December 2013

Annual workplan 2014 of the Executive Board   DP/2014/CRP.1

Report of the second regular session 2013 (9 to 13 September 2013, New York)   DP/2014/1

Item 6: Evaluation


UNFPA transitional biennial budgeted evaluation plan, 2014-2015   DP/FPA/2014/2

Item 7: Country programmes and related matters


Final country programme document for Namibia    DP/FPA/CPD/NAM/5

Final country programme document for Mexico    DP/FPA/CPD/MEX/6

Modification to procedures for consideration and approval of country programme documentation   DP/FPA/2014/3

Item 8: Recommendations of the Board of Auditors


Follow-up to the report of the United Nations Board of Auditors for 2012: status of implementation of the recommendations   DP/FPA/2014/1


Table: status of implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Auditors for 2012

Item 11: Field visits


Report on the Executive Board field visit to Tajikistan   DP-FPA/2014/CRP.1

Joint meeting of the Executive Boards of UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS, UNICEF, UN-Women and WFP


Provisional agenda  

Performance standard on gender mainstreaming across the strategic plans, 2014-2017, of UNDP, UNFPA, UNOPS, UNICEF, UN-Women and WFP  

Coherence of United Nations action against poverty and vulnerability and towards resilience